Kopo International is a member of the Distribution & processing division of SIJ – SLOVENIAN STEEL GROUP.

Kopo International is USA based trading company of SIJ, with main office located in Red Bank, New Jersey.  Company's function is to promote and sell specialty steel products from SIJ Metal Ravne and SIJ Acroni in United States of America.

By stocking more than 1000 tons of tool steels, KOPO offers its customers a wide range of products and sizes to choose from and a just in time delivery


Kopo International has been on U.S. market since 1991. Due to demand for niche products that Kopo provides for the U.S. customers, and high-quality of SIJ’s special steel, Kopo’s presence on U.S. market has gradually grown from 2.000 t. that Kopo imported to the United States in 1996, to over 27.000 t. of special steel products imported in 2017. Today Kopo provides steel products used by its U.S. customers for niche applications in power generation, oil and gas, tooling and other industrial segments.


KOPO has developed strong relationships with its customers, servicing companies all over North America, Mexico and Brazil:

  • Offering services of sales support,
  • metallurgical and
  • total logistics.

Slovenia is in full compliance with DFARS

Effective June, 17, 2016 

Let Kopo take care of your specialty steel needs with technical expertise and market knowledge!